Burke EVO63 Evolution Smock

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Burke EVO63 Evolution  Smock

The new Evolution Smock from Burke Marine has been developed for the dinghy, sports boat and paddle sport enthusiasts.

Allows perspiration and condensation to transfer through the fabric whilst maintaining wind and waterproof properties.

Fully adjustable Dartex cuffs and collar with non-corrosive zip, wide neck opening with drainage at bottom of zip.

Secure neoprene lower garment, as well as two chest pockets.

Neoprene wet suit wrist and collar seals also with touch tape.

  • Breathable
  • 100% Water and Windproof
  • Dartex cuffs and collars
  • Secure neoprene lower garment
  • Wide opening neck with drainage
  • Two chest pockets
  • Unlined to speed up drying time